Namsen History

Beginning in the 19th century, British fishing adventurers made their way to the River Namsen as word spread about the amazing abundance of Atlantic salmon and the incredible fishing environment on offer in this part of Norway. 

British pioneers including Sir Hyde Parker and Colonel Eyres are recorded as visiting the River Namsen as early as 1827 with tales told of a record 60 pound Salmon catch.

Carvings on the wall of the nearby Gartland Farmhouse record the names of royals and nobility that have tested their skills on the River Namsen, with one carving boasting catches of 886lb (401kg) by the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough in 1891. Grosvenor, W.H.Trafford, Churchill and Prince de Wagram (Alexandre Louis Philippe Marie Berthier) are amongst the names carved into the woodwork and provide a timely record of their fishing success and a nostalgic reminder of the rich history Namsen enjoys as one of the most elegant fishing destinations in Norway.

Two Summers in Norway, a book authored by William Bilton in 1840 recalls his fishing trips to Namsen. It is a book that stimulated significant interest amongst fishing enthusiasts and helped attract many to this area.

Prints by Lady Theodora Guest (née Grosvenor) (1840-1924), daughter of 2nd Marquess of Westminster and wife of Thomas Merthyr Guest, another famous early fishing adventurer to these parts, hang on the wall in the lounge of the farmhouse. Lady Theodora often joined her husband on the many fishing trips they enjoyed here together.

Fishing adventurers around this period were often referred to as the ‘Salmon Lords’ with notable visitors such as Lord Bainbridge, Pearson and even a Roosevelt visiting Namsen. Which Roosevelt remains a mystery to this day! Visiting Namsen offers you much more than just fishing. It offers you the opportunity to tread in the footsteps of the many adventurers that have spent time here and have carved out a wonderful history and provenance of these fishing waters.

Today, Namsentunet continues with the creation of our history as we welcome new generations of gentry and discerning individuals who together are creating their own rich memories and friendships.

Luxury cabins located on the banks of the famous riven Namsen, the "Queen of Rivers" Grong-Trondheim Region, Central Norway.