Holands√łya Farm

In addition to our Namsentunet retreat, we also offer guests the opportunity to stay and fish on our farm at Holandsøya which is a traditional Norwegian farmhouse located on the banks of the River Namsen, 10km west of Grong.

The Holandsøya Farm is located on the Øiem & Holandsøya stretches of the Namsen. Here guests can enjoy a peaceful setting and the opportunity to stay in ‘The Fisherman’s House’, consisting of seven bedrooms, an elegant living room, dining room, a large farmhouse style kitchen and a splendid veranda overlooking the River Namsen, which is just 300 metres from the farm.

Exclusive beats
We have 2.2km of exclusive fishing beats on this stretch of the Namsen, divided into three parts, where we also have five traditional wooden boats on station. Boat fishing on this part of the river is very effective, especially in June when the river runs fast from the melting mountain snow.

Harling proves to be exceedingly popular on this stretch. Flies and wobblers are the most common bait when rowing the boats, and our ghillies and skilled boatmen are on hand to seamlessly guide and support you throughout your trip. Bank fishing is also popular here, and we have a characterful riverbank shelter where you can take a break and enjoy lunch, coffee or something stronger.

Luxury cabins located on the banks of the famous riven Namsen, the "Queen of Rivers" Grong-Trondheim Region, Central Norway.