Hunting, The Viking Challenge

From your base in Namsentunet, our guides offer the opportunity for you to explore the amazing central Norway wilderness and forests to hunt for game birds including hazel grouse, black grouse, capercaillie and duck, plus elk and deer. 

Season: Mid August to February

We offer you the opportunity to participate in some country sport shooting and hunting and you can hunt for Deer and Elk, in addition to rough shooting. Namsentunet our proud members of the world’s most prestigious hunting club, The Capreolus Club, who through their leadership and guidance are helping shape our product offer and where we are delighted to be partnering with on the “ The Namsentunet  Viking Challenge ”
The Namsentunet Viking Challenge is crafted on similar lines to the famous Macnab Challenge, but where we task hunters to stalk an Elk, shoot a Capercaillie and catch a Brown Trout all in one day.

Luxury cabins located on the banks of the famous riven Namsen, the "Queen of Rivers" Grong-Trondheim Region, Central Norway.