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Salmon Paradise Namsen and Upper Namsen Fishing is located in Grong municipality. 200 km north of Trondheim. Namsen regarded by anglers as a salmon paradise of dimensions.  And it was not without reason that the English lords baptized river “The Queen of The Rivers”. And he did this river just came to our area, which we now call ” The Upper Namsen Fishing ” and they came already in the 1830s .

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Fishing in Namsen


Salmon season in Namsen starting 1th June and lasts until 31 of August .

The first recovery of salmon reach the river in late May and consists mostly of large, five to six year old fish. The average weight can be over ten pounds, and salmon of between 15 to 20 lbs are not uncommon.

The increase peak by the end of June, later in the season, in July and August, most of the salmon be around three to five pounds.

The first week is considered to be the best time if one is looking for the “big” salmon. But one must not conceal that it caught big salmon throughout the season, and especially in recent years in August at about the same level as the early summer.

The 65 kilometers of the salmon river is divided into 28 beats of varying length and quality. Most of the best beats are in the middle and upper sections of the river. Of these disposal Upper Namsen Fishing OIEM – Holandsøya , Sulky – Langnesgrunnen, Upper and Lower Mediaa and Fossland , and a few days Fiskumfoss .

The upper parts of Namsen is particularly suitable for fly fishing, either from shore or boat . It is mostly used two-handed rods and river fits in other words those who like small rivers and fishing with single handed rod. A pleasant exception is Namsens great tributary, Sanddøla .

The traditional fishing in Namsen was ” harling ” and still caught a lot of boat. However this is a myth that Namsen only a ” boatriver” and today caught it just as much from the banks . Effectively fishing occurs on some violence anyway from the boat, but the fishing today is not only harling, but using the boat shed space to reach difficult areas.



Is a riverside stretch on the entire 4.5 km. The beat is divided naturally into two zones, and that there are two landowners. One on each side of Namsen, Mediå and Fossland. Fishermen fishing alternately the upper and the lower zone every day. Both zones have 3 Alta / Tana motorboats. The beat goes along E -6. Mid beat it beats sharing and here lies the boats moored. Here we have also built up Namsentunet which our fishermen live while they are our guests during fishing. Namsentunet is practically right under the railway bridge on Fossland and only 15 meters from the river. The railway bridge was built and was completed in 1932 and the architect and engineer for the project was a Norwegian who was the right hand of Mr. Eifel who built the eifel tower in Paris. Railway bridge at Fossland is powerful and is a protected structure and thus also its sight.

The beat has got the right name; Fossland meaning ” waterfall of the country .” And so it is! The beat has many long hair that ends up in a large and quiet pools at four locations on the route. The beat is excellent for those who want to fly fishing from shore, both with one-or two -handed fly rod. It is easy to fish from shore and the reason is of medium size and large stones. Fly fishing from shore is best at medium or low water and then fish there to say completely across the river. This is best done from the 20th of June and the end of the season.

Fly fishermen use boats for transportation up and down the river and to move past the places where it is difficult and not least, to get over on the other side of the river . Mediå / Fossland that violence can be compared with the best zones of the Alta river because these zones Fossland are very similar to those that are there. Therefore, landowners on Mediå / Fossland purchased Alta / Tana river boats because ours is narrow and shallow and difficult to pass on certain routes . Mediå / Fossland have several ” holding pools ” where salmon resting in, the journey upwards to Fiskumfoss. The beat is superbly suited as a spawning area for salmon and sea trout and thus we have a lot of regulars salmon beats .

In 1837 came the fisherman and author William Bilton and it is he who should be credited for that he did and did Namsen known as angling river for the whole world. He wrote the book ” Two summer in Norway ” and it was the first summer he was on Mediå / Fossland which he describes as properly beautiful. The second summer was in 1839 when he was in the area Fiskumfoss . The book was published in winter 1840 as a travelogue to Namsen and Norway , and from then on there were many fishermen from the UK.


Fiskumfoss Kart

Fiskumfoss is stop for salmon in Namsen. Also northern europe’s longest salmon ladder located here . It is the whole 291 feet long, but only the top 90 meters are visible , the rest is blown under the waterfall . The recovery of salmon stairs varies from year to year and the recovery controlled most of the proper water level in Namsen . The increase in the stairs starting in early July and in average so it goes up between 1000-1500 salmon every year from July to October 30th .

UNF rent Fiskumfoss between June 11th – July 15th each year. The beat is 1100 meters long and we fish on both sides of the Blackheads. Access to the beat is good and easy on both sides of the river . Good parking facilities . Nice trails and beach forests are cleared for fishermen on both sides. We allow a maximum of 8 land cards per half day , so there’s plenty of space and great opportunities …!

In June fished it with all kinds of tools, but in July and August see that most people use fly. In June captured the mostly medium and large salmon. In July, mostly small and medium sized salmon and some big salmon. On the beat Fiskumfoss states at any given time several thousand salmon, but so is the art of catching it.

To fish here is very exciting (because a lot of fish ), with beautiful, wild nature and a magical atmosphere. We fishermen feel as if we are in ” Nature’s own Cathedral .”

On both sides and the middle of the beat, we organized shelters with additional weight rack , barbecue area , woodshed and toilets. So here are the perfect place to enjoy with salmon and a siesta with a good cup of coffee.

Lower Mediå

Nedre Mediå og Sanddøla

Mediå beat offers a very varied fishing, both from shore and from boats . The fishery switched from Namsen and Sandøla every day . This is a very popular card elected for fly fishermen just off Grong