Our offers

Our offers, Holandsøya

River: Namsen
Season: June – August
Fiske: Upper Namsen Fishing (UNF)
Species: Salmon, sea trout and brown trout

Packages for Øiem/Holandsøy


Group – 4 persons for half a week (A)
Group – 4 persons for a whole week (B)
Group – 8 persons for half a week (C)
Group – 8 persons for a whole week (D)


Fisherman’s house at Holandsøya. Single or double rooms

Prices (taxes included):

27 750 NOK – A
52 000 NOK – B
49 500 NOK – C
95 000 NOK – D

More about the packages:

The packages are for 4 or 8 persons for half a week or a whole week. We can host 1 or 2 groups like this at once. With these packages you get the approval to fish during the season. We provide 4 river boats with engines and gas. When use of the river boats lifejackets are required. All of this you can easily find down by the river camp.

As mentioned before the stay is on the farm in the “fisherman’s house”. The prices of these packages are self-catered. You will find all the equipment that you need to make advanced meals or normal meals. If you are interested in having a chef making your meals, inform us with reasonable time limit.

For fishing in the river, there are several rules to follow. If you are new to the area, someone will help you in the beginning. Disinfection of fishing equipment used in other rivers might be necessary. It’s also important that someone helps you out with where you can fish and not. It’s required to rapport every fish that you catch, so it’s important you give landlord all the information he need to rapport the catches, even the fish that you release.