Fishing at Holandsøya



Holandsøya farm and the river part Øiem/Holandsøya is one of the last river parts before Namsen continues into Overhalla. This river part is about 2,2 kilometers long and we have 4-5 river boats disposable. This is calm river part and it’s mostly pretty deep, but there is also parts where the river is a bit more shallow and fast streaming. It’s pretty wide as well so fishing from boat is most effectively, especially in June when the river usually is running big from all the melting water. When you fish from boats, “harling fishing” is the technique that is most common. Flies and wobblers are the most common bait when rowing the boats. Locally there are many that know a lot about the river and the way to row the boat properly. So if you would like someone to help you out with all the heavy rowing, please let us know. Although, we recommend that you rent someone to help you out especially the firs


This river part is divided into 3 parts. The middle part is disposable every day, and the two other river parts are changing every other day. So all these parts together make up 2,2 kilometers, but every day you have 1,4 kilometers. Upper part one day and lower part the other day. On the river bank there is two possibilities to sit down in a shelter. One on both sides of the river. Here you can take a break, a cup of coffee, a beer, make fire or maybe set a new tactical plan to catch the big salm.