About Holandsøya Farm

Holandsøya is a typical farm based on other farms in the district, but still Holandsøya has a lot of character and soul. The farm is pretty big and has been in the family for approximately 200 years. The garden of the farm is really big with bushes, trees, flowers, berries and grain fields surrounding the whole farm. The garden is perfect to lie down in the sun, for children to play around, fishermen can train on spey casting, golf training and many other activities.
The fisherman’s house is almost 100 years old. The year of 1919 the house built. From this moment on mostly English fishermen used this house during the fishing season in the months of June, July and August. The house has a touch of history and tradition. Inside you can watch salmon trophies, pictures from way back, history books and a lot of historical equipment from the farm or fishing. We find it important to keep the house in the same condition and style as the year of construction. From early on mostly wealthy people from England visited Holandsøya to catch the big salmon. Also wealthy people from Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland have visited our farm for many years. Nowadays salmon fishing has gotten more common for the average man. So we host guests from all over the world and at all ages.

The fisherman’s house has 7 bedrooms, two bathrooms, dining room, living room and a big kitchen. This is perfect for group travels, whether you come with friends, work partners or family. Many choose to get a chef make all the meals during the day. But it’s also possible to rent the house without a chef and make the food on your own. In here you find everything you need for a pleasant stay; drying room wet clothes, bench for gutting fish, wireless internet, TV and a big porch where you can sit and relax all through the night.
We wish all guests a delightful stay at Holandsøya Farm!