Jacuzzi / sauna:

Namsentunet offers jaccuzi from April through October. The Sauna are open for guests all year round.
All rooms have bathrobes at your disposal to visit the bath, jaccuzies and sauna.




If you feel like a refreshing dip in one of the cleanest rivers during your stay, we recommend Tømmeråsfossen in Sanddøla, just four kilometers from Namsentunet. You can sunbathe on the rocks while the kids take a dip in either “Nerhøla” or “Øverhøla”. After a few days of sun the water temperature is good enough for true bathers.
There are also waterfalls and rapids with natural slides in the rock – and a nice beach with gravel that is close by. Diving to the depths of Sanddøla can be lucky to see the salmon swim by. For locals are Tømmeråsfossen always been associated with salmon and swimming, a lovely place for both people, and animals!
The other swimming area is also Sanddøla, but only a few hundred meters below Tømmeråsfossen.

Also Langnes Family Camp, next to Grong High School and Sports Centre in Grong, is a long fine sand beach.


«Grongtur» on foot or by bike

Grong municipality have together with various clubs and associations made ​​many nice walking and biking trails. The trails are marked on the map and a brochure gives a good directions and presentation of the various tracks. It is also possible to rent a bike for some trip.

Waterfall hiking:

A few kilometers from Namsentunet you find Formofoss, Tømmeråsfossen and Fiskumfoss. These three waterfalls constitute Grong municipality millennium, appear to be very different in both appearance and use – and are real tourist magnets in the municipality.

Formofoss is about 18 meters high and is located in the river Sanddøla, a scant three miles east of Grong. It is the smallest of our waterfalls, but is also special in that it is so narrow and the bangs loose something completely unrestrained by various floods. The waterfall has a salmon ladder, so that salmon and sea trout can come to good spawning areas in Sanddøla Valley and Gressåmoen National Park ( Sanddøla and Lurru ) .

Tømmeråsfossen is also a waterfall located in Sanddøla – and the closest to the center of Grong. The head is about 23 meters and that is over 800 meters. At the top of the falls is a nice suspension bridge, plots by an old mill, open and closed salmon ladders that can be seen, an abandoned old railway bridge going over the falls – and at the bottom we have the attractive fishing and bathing place “Øverhøla” before it ends in ” Nerhøla “, which is a particularly nice area with beautiful beaches. “Nerhøla” is like a small lake, in the end you have car parking, toilets and seating area.

Fiskumfoss located in the river Namsen, just off the E6 about 14 km north of Grong – in Harran. Here are Namsen Salmon Aquarium, which is a museum of life by and in the river. The waterfall has a drop of 35 meters, and here produces Nord -Trøndelag utilities much house energy. Here you will find northern europe ‘s longest salmon ladder. The waterfall is quite a sight, with low and high water. Namsentunet sells general short for fishing in Fiskumfoss.

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Rafting in Namsen

Namsentunet can offer rafting subordinate relationship – with companions for safety. Ask us for offer on experiences, so this is agreed and paid before arrival.
Send your inquiry to [email protected].


Naturetrails in Grong

We recommend the trip to Rognsmoen and a naturetrail on Fiskumfoss. Here is fine marked paths which also turned up information plaques along the way.

More information can be found at


Namsen Salmon Aquarium

namsenlaksakvariumNamsen Salmon Aquarium is a natural stop at the E6 in Harran. Here you will get all kind of information about salmon, about the nature around you – and on Grong history. There is also a museum, restaurant, kiosk selling souvenirs and snacks of all kinds. There is also a naturetrail, power station, a waterfall full of salmon, salmon facility, and aquarium; short amount of knowledge about what is happening in and around the river.

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Namdal Golf Club

Namdalingen Golf Club is in Overhalla municipality, only 18 km from Namsentunet. With a stop at Namsentunet we can help you and book a time there, for a nice evening and a nice break for the holidays. Namdalingen Golf Club is a nine-hole court and was established and put into use in the mid- 90s. Here you can rent a bag of clubs at a bargain price. Green fees for a night on Kr. 250, -.
More information at  golf


Namsskogan Family Park

namsskogan-familieparkNamsskogan Family Park is located about 35 km north of Namsentunet. The Family Park offers a little of everything for children and adults – for one and two days. Discover animals from the Namdal fauna, take a break at the idyllic Trones Lake – or enjoy a variety of activities.
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Hunting in Grong

The Namdal nature is easy to use and is generous in many different animal species that we hunt. Much of our game has huge population that we can reap a profit offers. These include small game such as ptarmigan, grouse, hare, beaver, deer, lynx and foxes. When it comes to larger animals, the moose has the greatest value to us in Namdalen.

Namsentunet can offer special hunting packages for you that will stay with us. We are located virtually in the middle of nature – with short distances to many major hunting areas on both private and state-owned land . We can also provide local guides and pilots.
Please contact [email protected] for more information.


Gym, fitness and well-being

push-treningssenterYou can find more deals in exercise, fitness and well-being in close proximity to Namsentunet.

Grong Sports and Leisure Park includes four football fields (gravel, grass and artificial grass), two beach volleyball courts, handball courts – as well as a paved roller skating and roller path. The sports hall close by is a natural center for all sports in Grong, whatever the season. Hall is some 70 meters long and it is a buzz throughout the week for those who like indoor sports like badminton, volleyball and handball. There is also a separate climbing wall. Grong high school located just off the hall – and the school has several lines of sport as a specialization. The high school also as the country’s only school a special fishing line for young people who want to become professional guides and entrepreneurs in all types of fishing in Norway .

In Grong Hall is also the village’s gym. “Push” was established in 2008 and was once a popular place for fitness and well-being. Namsentunet can offer their overnight guests an entrance card, and there is also a separate tanning salon.
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Heia and Bjørgan area is the municipality skimetropol for all types of sporting activities in winter. There are both lit trails and ski slopes. On Bjørgan is Grong Ski Centre, which has five ski lifts of different lengths, 12 slopes, a snowboard park , special ski and telemark slopes – as well as a toboggan run for those who prefer it. From the “top” of the lifts there is a well organized network of trails marked inward the known Geitfjellet. Amidst mountains have Grong Red Cross’s winter cabin established with security every weekend. It serves simple hot and cold dishes with drinks.
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Grong Air Sports Centre

In Grong you can throw yourself off the high Mediå mountain when the weather permits. The mountain is about 500 meters high and is located just outside the notorious ” Mediåula .” The road up to the ledge is steep and winding . Therefore, anyone who wants to use a car (4- wheel pulls are required for safety) run up there and everyone will head there to jump off, you must hire key for it in Grong Traffic Center or at Grong Leisure . Hang gliding is done at your own risk. Nice view beyond Grong city center and rivers Sanddøla and Namsen .


National parks Børgefjell and Blue and Skjækerfjella

borgefjellNamdalen and Grong is perhaps one of the best conditions in Norway for those interested in visiting protected areas. At the north of the county you will find Børgefjell area, with municipalities Røyrvik, Namsskogan and Grane in Nordland as host communities. Right in the county – in the municipalities Lierne, Grong, Snåsa, Steinkjer and Verdal – is Blue and Skjækerfjella National Park. It is a short distance from the Namsentunet to “gateway” to both parks. Close to basically allows us to be hosting such tourists / guests. We can help with information and guides / pilots for such a walk in the parks. For those who want there must contact us [email protected] for offers and booking of these experiences.

For more information, contact the National Park Centre in Lierne or watch


Rock City Namsos

rock-cityA visit to Rock City offers both experiences and challenges. We present an important part of Norwegian rock history – and you’ll get an introduction to why Namsos is the nation’s premier an a rockcity. Read more


Oasis water park

Oasis environmental and swim center is a national aquatic center for swimming sport. The resort is Northern Europe’s largest indoor facility in the mountains, and is home to several pools, water slide, diving tower, gym and sunbeds. Read more on  oasen


Horse riding

For guests of Namsentunet and Grong interested in horse riding, we recommend Jørem Farm. The farm has about 30 horses and we can in cooperation with the hosts on the farm arrange tours for teams and businesses. For more infoørum gård


Caving in Geitfjellet

A visit to the famous limestone caves of Geitfjellet will set you back in time and give you a reminder that nature is very diverse and rich in natural adornments. The caves located some distance into the rock, and can be a little hard to find. Contact Grong Leisure for more information.